NYC’s Big Businesses Now Have To Compost Food Waste

A close up image of a compost pile.

Sarah Grossman, Editorial Fellow, Huffington Post

NYC’s Big Businesses Now Have To Compost Food Waste

New York City is cracking down on food waste.

Starting Tuesday, big businesses that generate a lot of food waste ― including hotels, stadiums, food manufacturers and wholesalers ― will have to separate out their organic waste for composting or other approved processing, according to new city rules.

Companies can compost the waste themselves or hire carting services to collect any leftover food, food-soiled paper or yard waste, and transport it to a facility.

“The message has gone out that New York City is going to treat its food scraps sustainably,” Eric Goldstein of the Natural Resources Defense Council told “[This will] get them out of landfills and into composting.”

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