Totally Green Bottles and Caps Honored At Bio-Based Innovation Awards

We are so proud to announce that “The Great Plastic Flip” from Totally Green Bottles and Caps (TGBC), the world’s first 100% compostable water bottle and cap, emerged as a “Highly Commended Bio-Based Product of the Year” at the 2017 Bio-Based Innovation Awards last week in San Diego, CA. The awards are given to the stand out products that are available in North, Central, and South America that are derived from plants and other renewable agriculture providing an alternative to conventional petroleum-based products. The global community is definitely taking notice of the positive impact this compostable plant-based bottle can have on the landfill and oceanic just too much plastic wastecrisis we are facing.
The award ceremony took place on September 27th at the Bio-Based Live Americas event, sponsored by Bio-Based World News, a leader in reporting on the global bio-based industry. For two days, several hundred participants from mid-size to very large, well-known brands such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, Eastman, and SC Johnson, dedicated to promoting circular economy in their organizations came together. All were focused on the same objective –getting conversion of petroleum-based plastics in the bio-plastic arena. The conference agenda was jam packed with valuable expert insights on mastering technology, money, models and markets to achieve success.
Totally Green Bottles and Caps Founder/CEO, Bill Horner, was a guest speaker for the “Making a Sustainable Business Model Commercially Successful” segment of the conference. He shared how his first start-up in 2004, Naturally Iowa, was the first company to construct a plant-based, compostable half-gallon bottle that contained organic milk. This laid the groundwork for today’s 100% compostable bottle and cap. TGBC then joined forces with a leading Bio-Plastics manufacturer, UrthPact LLC, headquartered in Leominster, MA, and was propelled to the finish line with the right resins and engineering expertise to meet all composting standards. After the session, Bill participated in a lively Q+A panel moderated by Corinne Young of Rechem Renewable Chemicals and Materials Alliance, a well-known government and industry leader. Bill enjoyed speaking with and learning from other conference participants like Mark Brodzinski, Deputy Administrator for Energy Programs at USDA in Washington D.C.
Totally Green Bottles and Caps is ready to become a major player on the bio-plastics world stage. We are now taking purchase orders for closed loop facilities such as airports, schools, sports stadiums, exhibition centers, and other environmentally, sustainability focused venues that are ready or soon plan to work with Industrial Composters to reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills.
It is our desire that further development and innovation in the bio-plastics industry can result from The Great Plastic Flip, and on a global scale, soon begin to reduce dependence on petroleum. If you are a closed loop facility or would like information on how to become one, please contact us.